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sunshine face,

it's really great to

meet you. 

I’m Anna, your possible new best friend.

I’m a lover, a crier and here to talk to you about your life. It flashes by.Yeah. You heard me. One day we’re sipping coffee talking about all of the things we’re going to do and next thing you know we’re drinking decaf at 84 wondering where the heck time went. Enter... me. This year, these moments, these people- cherish them. Take time to remember that each stage of your life is beautiful and there’s ALWAYS room for love. Take time recognize how different you are, how beautiful you are, how strange and powerful you are. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Why the heck wouldn’t you capture that? Why the heck wouldn’t you get a portrait session for yourself looking damn fine, a couples session for you and the love of your life just because you hit 3 months together or book me for your WEDDING because your photographer should be your second maid of honor that day. ⠀

Pick me.

Pick me to capture the in between, the small, celebratory moments. Pick me for the big moments too. Pick me to remember the good times, the infinite and turn it into art. ⠀⠀

I am SO READY for you. Are you ready for me? 

Quick Facts: 

Hometown: Birnamwood, Wisconsin (teeny tiny town that I really believe needs it's own reality TV show)

Shooting For: All of Wisconsin and anywhere else your love and creativity takes me! PLEASE TAKE ME ACROSS THE NATION.

Favorite Drink: Home made coffee drinks. YEP. I get so fancy now I use my freaking Ninja blender to create yummy coffee breakfast drinks. (see pic for how delicious they are) ------>

Shooting Style: Candid and quirky, I don't pose often but instead guide you into certain actions and movements that make pictures look more authentic and capture who you are (like make you spin in circles or tackle each other to the ground). Then I add a little of Anna humor, weird squeals or awkward movements to make you giggle or question my sanity. Probably both.

If someone could play me in a movie... It'd be Emma Stone. Maybe because she's a redhead, maybe because I aspire to be at her level of comedic wittiness. Maybe because she kissed Ryan Gosling. I don't know.

Editing Style: Warm, moody, artistic AF. I am ALL about self love so I will capture every part of your beauty and proudly display it as is. I enhance photos to bring out their magic but I don't alter images to make people look thinner, taller, into fairytale creatures, etc. Be YOU, love YOU.

In short... I want to be your photographer and capture who you are as a friend. I want to get to know you and bring that out on camera. That's what I truly believe art is. 

Like what you see? PERFECT. LET'S DO THIS.