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do it with love

Learn from the wild one. 

You know what's hard about starting your own business? There's no one there to tell you that you should be reporting your sales use tax or how to sign up for an LLC. Yeah, rough.

I came into this business a year and a half ago and hell yeah, that still makes me a spring chicken but do you know what else I did in that time? I became my own accountant, hired an accountant, set up my business to be legal AF and raised my income to be full time just 10 months after shooting my first official wedding as a business owner. How did I do this? I freaking WORKED my butt off, people with hours and hours of educational material and mentorships. 

I don't have 100 weddings under my belt. Yet. But I did grow my business HELLA fast and I believe its because of the experience I give my clients and the planning I've done in the background. So here's what I want to help you learn. I want to help you make your clients feel at ease because let's be real, if you feel weird, they're going to feel weird. So it starts with you. Learning your camera, learning your editing software, learning your contracts, your website, your social media and your workflow. From there, you have to learn what you want to give your clients. What style, what experience, what feelings do you want them to walk away with? 

I want to build you up so you can build them up and they will, in turn, build your business up.




Whatcha Get (you customize it so these are ALL optional) 
  • chats about taxes and making your business legal
  • how to build client connection and relationships
  • social media and website tips
  • workflow and managing your time
  • how to shoot manual and figure out the settings you love
  • a REAL LIVE PHOTO session so you can shoot right beside me and learn all the prompts/posing tips
  • post shoot editing session to learn how to export, process and deliver photos
  • headshots because you'll need them for all of your marketing, baby
+ A LOT MORE, hit that little button to find out more!