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This page is just for you, hot stuff.

There's so many questions to be answered for your wedding day. So I figured I'd help you as best as I can. 

A TON of information to help you plan the best day ever that ONLY AMP bride and grooms have access to. 

Feel special yet? YOU SHOULD BABY this day is important! 


I have had so many clients message me questions like what to wear, how to plan their timeline, what music to walk down the aisle to, etc. and I thought, if these brides have these questions, then so do a TON of others. I want to help you create a day that you're confident about. This page is a huge resource for you and I hope it helps as much as I hope it will. But know that this does NOT mean you can't message me with further questions you have! I am ALWAYS here for you to clarify information and help you make decisions. Instead of explaining where everything is, I will just let you explore. HAVE FUN and let me know if I should add something else that would be helpful!

Shades of Gray

The Art of Dress

Sand Dunes

Body Movement

Desert Life

Color Me Pink